Italeri 3655 – Ford Escort MK.II – Escala 1:24

  • Escala: 1: 24
  • Longitud de unos 165 mm
  • Neumáticos de goma


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Especificaciones: Italeri 3655 – Ford Escort MK.II – Escala 1:24

Atributos Amazon
Año Lanzamiento s/d
Escala 1:24
Incluye Baterías No
Fabricante Italeri
Material Plástico
Montaje Necesario Si
Necesita Baterías No
Nivel de detalle s/d
Período 1966 a 1980
Tipo Rally
Uso Civil
Dimensiones del producto 16.5 x 0.1 x 0.1 cm, 160 gramos
Número de modelo 3655
Número de piezas 9999
Peso del producto 160 g

12 reviews for Italeri 3655 – Ford Escort MK.II – Escala 1:24

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  1. Albert Gauthier

    Gran modelo, excelente precio

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  2. Jose R.

    El diseño

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  3. Ken O’Neill

    This is the old Esci tool from about 1980 with new decals, and it shows in some places.

    The worst piece is certainly the body shell, which has significant flash and very pronounced seam lines to clean up. These are worst along the wheel flare edges and the edges of the front and rear wings (US fenders) and on the rear light cutouts. Anyone who’s seen a real Escort mk2 will notice this. The rear spoiler is sunk slightly in the middle but I can live with that because the real one was made of rubber and did sink slightly in the middle. The front spoiler is a separate part, but the joint line is in the correct place.

    The engine bay is adequate. You might want to add high tension ignition leads and/or heater hoses but in this scale that’s all that’s needed and not supplied.

    The interior will be acceptable as long as you can live with decal seat belts, but this is half the price of Belkits Escort mk1 rally cars so you can buy aftermarket harness sets and still pay less for a full detail model than for a kerbside one.

    The big issue is with the instructions and/or suspension which give no guidance on whether you should remove the lowering blocks (needed for the Zakspeed circuit racing car incarnation of the kit) from the rear springs, or shorten the rear dampers moulded into the floorpan and front strut tops. There are cut lines moulded into the strut tops and rear springs to help with this. As things stand, if you follow the instructions the rear suspension won’t fit together and the finished model would have a tail down sit if it did.

    From the box art, and given that the Monte Carlo rally is on tarmac (OK and sometimes snow and/or ice) I think I’ll shorten the rear dampers and front struts on mine.

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  4. Luis

    Buena maqueta con muchos detalles.

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  5. Dickiedido

    I had quite a few Mk II Escorts she I was a young boy racer so I just had to get this kit.
    I dont know why kit manufacturers dont make standard versions of the older cars such as Escorts, Capri’s, Sierras, Mondeos or even Vauxhall Cavvies etc. I’m sure they’d sell like hot cakes as many older folk re-take up model making again, when they’ve done racing about and are too old to be ‘boy’ racers (Oldboy racers maybe).
    Kit looks good but its gone in the stash cupboard.
    Shame the wheel arches are molded in to the main body.

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  6. marshall1991

    Good quality kit. If you want to put every little detail in it will be a little difficult but doable. The recommended paint will cost around £30+ as there are 12 different colour’s. If your just starting out on model kits I recommend you leave this till your a little more experienced its not impossible but quite fiddley and the stickers can be difficult as you only get 1 set so you will have to get it right the first time. All in all its a good kit high quality and challenging but doable if you take your time

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  7. Alberto

    Era mi primera maqueta y he encontrado el coche perfecto para empezar. Las instrucciones son sencillas, aunque hay ciertos puntos que no están del todo bien explicados y hay que adivinar cómo van las piezas. Recomendable para quien quiera empezar con esta afición.

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  8. Reyes Quian Regaldíe

    maqueta muy completa de facil construcción

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  9. Nidge

    I normally stick to Ravell or Airfix but i couldn’t find a Escort by either of the companies so i thought id give a Italeri kit a try, and i must admit that im pleasantly surprised. The tooling on pieces seem clear etc. Im putting it together in the next few weeks so im hoping it fits together as good as it looks

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  10. Paul Bell

    This kit represents the Mk2 Escort very well, for the price it’s worth the money, that said you need to do quite a bit of work to get it right, I have two and the shells rear piller on both needs attention due to a tired old mould. Flash on some parts is also excessive and takes you some time to cut it off. Bonnet and boot shows the mould impressions from below and needs miiput to correct as does the rear spoiler. Despite the above the price sort of counts them out.
    I’m still building this kit and will add the finished model

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  11. Francisco Rodriguez

    Esta maqueta es un clon del molde de esci hace 40 años de 1977.La he vuelto a encontrar estoy feliz.

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  12. Sheyla

    Horrible, he hecho un montón de maquetas y esta marca me ha defraudado porque no encajan las piezas.

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    Italeri 3655 – Ford Escort MK.II – Escala 1:24
    Italeri 3655 – Ford Escort MK.II – Escala 1:24
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