Content Egg output demo

Here you can see Content Egg output templates. This will work in any theme. Currently, we added Product cart, product grid, product list, price tracker templates. You can combine data from several modules (we added near > 50). For example, you can create common comparison list from several affiliate modules. You can divide each list, mix them, combine, etc.

Content Egg has affiliate modules Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, CJ, Zanox,, Linkshare, Shareasale,  Yandex Market, AffiliateWindow, Flipkart,, Impact Radius, Ozon, Admitad, Cityads, Tradedoublers and others

Content Egg has content modules: Youtube, twitter, Bing Images, Bing Related keywords,, google news, google books, pixabay, flickr and others

You can also use plugin to parse external RSS and also manual Offer module to add offers which are not available in Product API.

Of course, plugin can update prices and even whole product lists. Also, it has powerful Autoblog feature.

This demo page is on Rehub theme which has some additional functions

Default affiliate shortcodes of plugin

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[content-egg module=Amazon template=list]

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[content-egg module=Amazon template=item limit=1]

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[content-egg module=Amazon template=grid]

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Price alert and price tracker

Plugin can store price history updates and show price tracker + price drop alerts for users

[content-egg module=Amazon template=price_tracker_alert limit=1]

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Common shortcodes

There are some common shortcodes, which can generate price comparison lists from all modules

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Comparison list with images

[content-egg-block template=offers_list]

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Comparison lists with logos of merchants

[content-egg-block template=offers_logo]

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Manual offer

This module can be used to add any offer manually. Also, it’s possible to update prices with some available options for such offers.

[content-egg module=Offer template=list]

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Content Shortcodes

[content-egg module=Youtube template=simple]

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Google Books

[content-egg module=GoogleBooks template=simple]
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Google news

[content-egg module=GoogleNews template=simple]

Plugin stores data in meta fields of wordpress, so, you can use these data to build extended layouts and functions if you are familar with Custom fields.

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Logic of working

Plugin uses keyword to search best offers inside affiliate system API. So, you need to do 3 steps – type keyword, choose offers, choose output template

Content Egg output demo


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Plugin also has autoblog feature. You place list of keywords, output template and plugin makes separate posts for each keyword. Keyword spinner is uncluded.

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Price movers

This shortcode calculate all offers from your site and shows the biggest price drops by latest week/month

[content-egg-price-movers template=wdgt_price_movers_list limit=5 drop_type=absolute last_update=7]

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