Revell 80-4297 – B17 Memphis Belle – Escala 1:48

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Revell 80-4297 – B17 Memphis Belle – Escala 1:48
Revell 80-4297 – B17 Memphis Belle – Escala 1:48



  • Superficies estructuradas
  • Cabina del piloto con tablero de instrumentos
  • Dispositivo de puntería para bombas y asiento
  • Calcomanías para la versión Memphis Belle y otra versión USAF
  • Boeing B17F-10-BO Flying Fortress «Mephis Belle»

Información adicional

Especificaciones: Revell 80-4297 – B17 Memphis Belle – Escala 1:48

Atributos Amazon
Año Lanzamiento s/d
Escala 1:48
Incluye Baterías No
Fabricante Revell
Material Plástico
Montaje Necesario Si
Necesita Baterías No
Nivel de detalle s/d
Período 1931 a 1945
Tipo Bombardero
Uso Militar
Dimensiones del producto 47.19 x 65.86 x 12.12 cm, 895 gramos
Número de modelo 80-4297
Número de piezas 107
Peso del producto 895 g

Valoraciones (13)

13 reviews for Revell 80-4297 – B17 Memphis Belle – Escala 1:48

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  1. hardtech

    Muy buena elección para principiantes como yo, es enorme pero muy sencilla de montar. Muy contento.

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  2. Colin

    Not impressed with the overhaul quality of such a well known company. External detail is good however the plastic is shinny Which does not help with the painting, compared to other companies the internal details are really poor for models of a similar price.

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  3. Moisés Carlos

    Todo perfecto

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  4. Linds12302

    good size kit, looking forward to building. Will build without gluing the wings on as they can be attached and removed with ease. It’s a joy to get back to model building and make each individual set of pieces a work of art.

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  5. captain model man

    Good model very easy to build instruction sheet very simple to follow. i wanted to bye another and paint it in RAF Bomber Command camouflage and markings But they go up in price every time i look From £29 to£ 41 in a week.
    Come on guys this is a very basic Model.

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  6. Huylcarlos

    Maqueta muy grande pero muy pobre en detalles. Es sólo un cascarón. No ofrece nada de diversión en el montaje. Plásticos de mala calidad. Bastante decepcionante.

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  7. Pete

    This model shocked and horrified me in equal measure when I unboxed it. That they could make such a mess out of such a large scale model of an iconic aircraft like this was just, well… utterly disappointing.

    I can only assume that Revell realised they had made a terrible error of judgement and remade this model into the far superior 1/72nd scale 04279 B-17F Memphis Belle version. Seriously people, buy the smaller one, it is a vastly better model.

    This one has issue right from the start. The parts don’t fit snugly together, so you will have a lot of work filing and filling to cover ridiculous over-sights on this model. The cockpit frame is larger than the fuselage, the fuselage doesn’t quite match up, the wings don’t quite sit in the sockets properly, the guns in the dorsal turret are fixed in place – I don’t think I’ve ever had a model where the dorsal guns don’t elevate. There are other issues that should have been picked up in the planning phase and kicked out of touch.

    At the end of the day you have a poorly designed, poorly molded model that requires a rather ridiculous amount of extra work just to get it to look half decent. And yet, for a few pounds difference you could have a smaller version that has everything you could want in a model.

    Whether this is an old back catalogue model, or just a mistake they couldn’t afford to not produce, I don’t know. But if this had been my first model from Revell, it would have put me off ever buying from them again. Perhaps there are two divisions at Revell, the «we don’t care, toss it to the customers» at the large scale, and the «love modelling, couldn’t live without it» crowd in the smaller scale offices. Whatever the case is, don’t waste your money on this model, it’s so disappointing the only thing to do is take out in the back yard and use it for target practice. Complete waste of money – even more so when there is another 1/48th model by Revell, that while not great, makes this one look like a clay golem.

    Thankfully disastrous models like this are not very common, still, somehow they seem to find me more often than not. Or perhaps I’m just spoiled by other companies who love what they do, and love the customers just as much.

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    Siendo un avión a escala grande es de esperar que tenga detalle y que venga interiores y motores, Revell es muy mala solo viene el chasis hay otras marcas que incluso a escalas más pequeñas como 1/48 vienen hasta los motores, aquí no.

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  9. Cliente Amazon

    Artículo recomendado, buen tamaño y con bastante detalle y con opción de hacer dos modelos. Un buen producto para regalar

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  10. Bigphil1474

    Not one for the beginner, as there are some quality issues with the pieces that need fiddling about with, and some unclear instructions. Take your time and the finished product looks great. You get what you pay for, but at this price it is worth the money.

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  11. EL PERI

    Excelente relación calidad/precio. maqueta simple, poco detallado interior, sin complicaciones, panelado en relieve positivo.

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  12. Gabriel

    Muy buen, no perfecta, pero bastante bien

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  13. NeoCont

    una vez pintada espectcular

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