Airfix A1362 – German Light Tank Pz.Kpfw.38 – Escala 1:35

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  • Preciso, exacto y muy detallada kit modelo de Airfix
  • 1: 35 Escala
  • Nivel: 3 (donde 1 es para el principiante y 4 es para el modelador más experimentado)
  • Dimensiones (mm): L140 x W59
Airfix A1362 – German Light Tank Pz.Kpfw.38 – Escala 1:35
Airfix A1362 – German Light Tank Pz.Kpfw.38 – Escala 1:35


Información adicional

Especificaciones: Airfix A1362 – German Light Tank Pz.Kpfw.38 – Escala 1:35

Atributos Amazon
Año Lanzamiento 2019
Dimensiones del producto 35.56 x 22.86 x 7.62 cm, 410 gramos
Escala 1:35
Incluye Baterías No
Fabricante Airfix
Material Plástico
Montaje Necesario Si
Necesita Baterías No
Nivel de detalle Alto
Número de Piezas 302
Tipo Tanque
Uso Militar
Número de modelo A1362
Peso del producto 410 g

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5 reviews for Airfix A1362 – German Light Tank Pz.Kpfw.38 – Escala 1:35

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  1. Emma Gunhouse

    I loved this model but a bit of sealant is required here and there.

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  2. Jet.24





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  3. Prehistoric_Sounds

    Hatte mir diesen Bausatz mehr aus Verzweiflung, als aus Überzeugung bestellt. Der Grund: Es gibt kaum Bausätze dieses 35 (t) Panzers in 1:35 die preislich erschwinglich sind..!! Jedoch wurde ich angenehm überrascht. Gute, bis sehr gute Paßgenauigkeit, sauber gespritzte Teile und einen hervorragenden Gesamteindruck lassen mich dafür 5 Sterne vergeben.

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  4. Mark Chisholm

    Being British and of a certain age I have a natural desire to see Airfix do well. They were an integral part of any child of the 60’s and 70’s. We all know of their travailles in recent times and it appears that in many ways they are getting back on track.

    Now, Airfix were never at the high end of the market and some of their kits were a little ‘basic’ but in recent times they have done a superb job with some of their new moulds for their aircraft.

    They have also seen that AFV modelling has become much more popular – probably in line with some of the superb videos on YouTube – and wanted a slice of the pie. And they have done this by buying or using other manufacturers output notably Academy.

    Not sure who makes this rebox but compared to my last Airfix tank, the Tiger 1 at least the instructions are clear(ish). If you are expecting the quality of that is in the new aircraft mouldings then forget it. Useable but very average.

    Which, this model is. There are some good points which, is the crisp mouldings and mostly good fit.

    However, where I feel this model is not up to what one would hope for is the track system. It is the dreaded – in my eyes – sectional track that means you have to assemble it all in one go before painting. This to me makes it nearly impossible to do the best job because in order to do so I find painting the track seperately works best.

    On some sectional track models it is possible to do this but the overall delicacy of the parts here makes that somewhat unlikely.

    Overall, this is a reasonable, if lower end rebox that’s thankfully relatively cheap. It’s maybe a good kit to practice on but for me, I think in future I’ll go with RFM or MENG for the better quality AFV kits.

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  5. Luis

    A crisply detailed and engineered model kit of Germany’s early war Panzer work horse, can not fault it.

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